Healthy Living Tips

Posted on July 18, 2016 By

I remember when my doctor suggested that I start an exercise regime. He said start by walking, and then you can work your way up to jogging. I thought to myself, “jogging, what are you kidding, I’m forty pounds overweight”. Well here it is about a8 months later, I’m down about thirty pounds, and can actually make it around the track for a couple miles. This article will provide some healthy living tips in regards to starting an exercise program.

Naturally, before beginning any exercise program, check with your doctor and make sure he gives you the “go ahead”, prior to starting any exercise program. As a matter of fact, there are many physicians today that provide their patients with healthy living tips in regards to exercise and diet. So check with him or her, as they might have the perfect program outlined for you already.

When first starting your exercise program, the best thing is to go easy in the beginning. I remember when I first walked out onto the school track in my neighborhood. I was tired before I took my first lap. I think the first day I walked a couple of times around and then called it quits. Believe me, it was an effort to get myself motivated to go back the next day, but I did. As I continued with the program, and saw obvious results, I thought that there might actually be something to this exercise thing.

The weeks went on, and it was a pound here and a pound there. Nothing to quick, but enough weight loss to keep me motivated. Fast forward a year later, and low and behold, gone was about thirty pounds, and my distance in walking improved to about three miles. No I wasn’t ready or a marathon, but considering where I came from, this was a wonderful accomplishment.

So one of the best healthy living tips I could give you in regards to exercise is start slowly. Don’t risk any injuries by pushing too hard. Remain patient, you might not see immediate results, but if you stick with a basic program, the results will eventually come.