Eating Healthy For Holiday Feasting Tips

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The holiday season is approaching. It is only 4 short weeks away. Time really does go by very quickly doesn’t it? The holidays, are for many, a time of peace, a time to reflect on the year gone by and a time for fun and family. If you are like me, the holidays are for family gatherings and all the festivities that go along with it. I enjoy making those special memories that will last a lifetime in the minds of my children. Hopefully, they will continue these family traditions into adulthood. The holidays have always been a time of joy and happiness in spite of the feasting, calorie intake and bloating that usually occurs after this joyous season.

There are many ways you can help to balance between maintaining your ideal weight and participating in all the fun and the festivities of the season without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. If you follow these 8 eating healthy tips for holiday feasting, you too can enjoy yourself worry free.

  1. Exercise – Most people find themselves with extra time during the holidays. Take this time to develop a regular exercise routine and stick to it. Developing this good habit will help you burn the extra calories you eat during the holiday season and it will help you get into the habit of exercising when the holidays are over.
  2. Eat regularly – If you are going to a party don’t starve yourself all day. By doing this you are more likely to be famished and to eat everything in sight. During the day, eat light, low-fat snacks. This will make you feel less hungry while you are out partying.
  3. Balance each meal – Don’t fill your plate up with rich and full caloried foods. Strike a balance by taking a little of everything including fruits and vegetables. By doing this, you not only get to indulge but you also receive important vitamins and nutrients.
  4. Be assertive – Don’t feel obligated to say yes to everyone who offers you food and drinks. If you are not hungry say so. Do not get pressured into eating food you don’t want to eat.
  5. Don’t clear your plate – Don’t feel obliged to eat everything on your plate. Feel free to leave what you don’t want to eat. When you feel full, just stop eating. It’s that simple.
  6. Watch those sugary foods – Remember, that eating sweets can make you crave more sweets. By keeping yourself focused on healthy food and regular exercise, you can expect to have more energy and fewer cravings.
  7. Lower your alcohol intake – Alcohol is fattening also. It contains calories and lots of them. Try to control the alcohol you consume in the same way you would the food you eat. Don`t over-indulge. There are plenty of lower-calorie beer and wines on the market. Try to purchase the healthier versions when possible.
  8. Prepare for your scheduled outings – If you have planned outings and holiday meals, compensate by having healthy meal days between events. Most of us just want to forget about eating healthy during the holidays but you don’t have to. With proper planning, you can manage your diet without forgetting about it.

Preparing yourself properly is important. By planning ahead you can significantly reduce your stress level. Implement these 8 eating healthy tips for your successful holiday feasting and enjoy yourself this season.

Lynn Burchard is a Wellness Consultant recognized for her dedication and expertise in the field of nutrition, lifestyle and health. She lives with her husband and 4 children in Ontario, Canada and dedicates a large percentage of her time making sure her family stays healthy. She is continuously studying and learning through education, all aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and health that affect day to day living. Her passion is helping others take better care of themselves by providing useful information to those individuals who have been misinformed and bombarded by all sorts of health claims. She has recently written a Free Report entitled “The Health-Wise Report”.

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